Even though you’ll end up spending the majority of your time at Nalukai working on all things technology, some of the most outstanding moments from the camp don’t come from work times at all. At times, the most impactful events are also some of the smallest. At Nalukai, we’re not just programmers, artists, and designers. We’re people, too.

"Setting Sail To The Future"

"During one of our breaks between classes, I peeked over Nick’s shoulder, catching a glimpse of what looked like hundreds of lines of code. I had been wanting to learn programming for a while now, but feeling intimidated I wasn’t entirely sure where to start. So I asked. To be honest, I didn’t expect anyone to want to help me, but he really did surprise me. He stopped what he was doing and explained to me, in depth, exactly what he was creating. I was shocked. Coming from environments where I’m used to people stashing away their skill sets under lock and key, meeting someone so ready to teach me a completely new skill wasn’t just surprising— it was comforting." - Noah Williams

"Fifty lines deep in code I had a realization. Frantically bashing on my keyboard, I paused to take a look around. What I saw truly reassured me that I found my element, and that I’m truly where I’m supposed to be. My friends, despite only physically meeting them fourty-eight hours ago, were all having professional conversations about things that they all are passionate and brilliant at. Looking left, the photographers were deep in a conversation about how a certain ISO would affect the composition of an image. To my right, others were “wired in” on all of the design and digital media work we were given that day. Across the room, some collaborated on microwave designs, while others were deep into a prototyping process. A grin shot across my face and for the first time, I felt like the pieces were fitting together." - Nicholas Wong

"On our first late night design binge of the camp, I drew up some sketches and I took notes—enough to fill an entire notebook. It was super cool, I was in my element and everyone gave such a positive response—ideas bouncing around and inspiration flying off the walls. The rest of the night was spent the same way, a constant wave of creation. We stayed up late, but those few hours felt like 3 minutes. It was sort of an epiphany for me, my first real world application to the design process. I’m happy when I’m creating things, but I am the happiest when I’m creating things with other people. It makes me feel so accomplished, being in the zone with like-minded peers." - Miranda Canniff

"When we meditated with the Zen Dudes, I felt relaxed and peaceful. I felt like I just disappeared from my body, from my problems, from the world— it just felt really good to do that because I’m a person who’s tense and always has her walls up. You know like protecting yourself 24/7? It’s nice to escape that sometimes. The experience just made me realize how the real world really is. That’s how people get creative in the real world and have really successful careers, you know? Getting into that 'flow state' and being comfortable with whatever life throws your way." - Kiana Liu

"One evening I showed Sophia a Robotics remake of “Bohemian Rhapsody.” While the original song is a masterpiece in itself, the remake transformed it into an ode to robotics and all things nerdy. When we heard “He’s just a school nerd, prom is unlikely” we doubled over in laughter. I guess it wasn’t so much about that moment in particular, but rather the overall feeling of getting to know the other students. Meeting everyone for the first time had seemed like such a daunting task, the thought of meeting twenty one strangers terrified me. Everybody at Nalukai has been so kind and I wouldn’t change a single moment of my time here." - Ally Nisenoff

"Whenever we eat together in the dining hall, it’s always a special event. It’s incredible how the community here can turn a simple, forgettable routine into something we all look forward to. Conversations range from our daily lives to the latest technology, and really everything in between. Mobile phones always stay in the middle of the table— we take special care to interact with each other when we’re all together. Everything we do here is about building a community, and it comes down to little things like that." - Renezel Lagran

"One night, Miranda, Ally and I ecstatically bounced ideas off one another about our past design experiences and possible website layouts. We sat outside under the stars and talked for hours, sketching out Nalukai website designs as we went. Our conversation really sparked an interest in design for me, giving me an insight into the creative process of other designers." - Kelli Tamashiro

"I applied thinking I wouldn’t get in. Then, when I did get in, I came here thinking I was different from everybody else because I didn’t have the same amount of skills or anything like that. And when we all went out there to have fun it wasn’t awkward anymore because we were all interacting. Not as nerds who came to a camp but rather people who have the same passion and interests. We all had fun that day and it was the start of friendships that I didn’t know I could have." - Sheridan Hanby

"We started in the field with the intention to play tag, but after a few attempted sprints and failed diving tags, we all came together, exhausted, in the middle of the field. We all ended up just cracking jokes and talking story. We couldn’t stop laughing and talking together. It was only the first night, but it felt like we had already known each other for a long time." - Gabriel Navalta