As a Nalukai student, you’ll immediately use the skill set you develop here in project-based pursuits with real world applications. If you happen to arrive here with a project already in progress, be excited! Nalukai is full of people that want to help you.

"Setting Sail To The Future"

For Students, By Students: Nalukai Website

Over the course of five days, Nalukai campers created this entire website from the ground up. They designed page layouts, developed the front and back ends of the platform, and orchestrated content collection teams to complete the site. Take look around! See what Nalukai campers are capable of.

Humans of Nalukai

"While at Nalukai I was tasked with working on a media profile called Humans of Nalukai. This is based directly off of the project Humans of New York. Basically my job, along with my team, was to interview every student asking about a moment they truly cherished whether it has been at Nalukai or previously. Doing this project has opened my eyes to every single student experiences that they’ve had, which has helped me better connect with them." - Keona Conroy-Humphrey

Digital Media Classes

"Over the ten action-packed days, the classes at Nalukai stressed the importance of user empathy, expressing how the user’s needs altered ideation, prototyping, and beta-testing stages. This same principle translated to our applications of digital media, where we learned to leverage digital storytelling to engage our users. During the final website project, I took on the swing position, helping anyone who needed an extra hand. In this role, I took on a number of different tasks while we created our website, like putting together a video montage and organizing project management timelines." - Mason Puett


“Being some of the first students in the U.S. to test out the new Microsoft micro bit was a pretty great experience. Through the pre-integrated sensors and variety of code options, the micro bit releases a creative spark, quickly making you realize you could make nearly anything. Personally, even though I only experienced one programming language in the past, I got so involved in the project I began learning a whole other, Python, to supplement our programming potential: a pretty shocking move from someone like myself with such a mechanical centered background. Then, eventually, with a couple RadioShack runs and some creative ingenuity to create a 12v battery, my group even ran a DC fan with the goal of creating a mini hovercraft.” - Ian Denzer

3D Modeling on SketchUp

"I always sketch out my newest designs in my sketchbooks. However, at Nalukai I was introduced to a 3D modeling program called “SketchUp” and I am absolutely in love with it! I can finally show the different dimensions of my designs! Whenever I can, I work on my latest 3D model. As of late, I’ve been obsessed with tanks so I’ve dedicated as much time as i can spare to modeling my own tank designs. SketchUp is pretty minor learning curve so it’s easy to figure out how to make awesome 3D models!" - Makai Mossman